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I'm beginning to think that I want to store two broad categories of content on my #indieweb site, content which is defined by the time it occurred/is published and content which is primarily defined by some other attribute.

Examples of content defined by time, which at the moment I'm using notes for:

  • short, tweet-like notes
  • (often) ideas
  • checkins
  • bits of personal data like #steps, #rubbish, sleep or other quantified self-type things
  • replies
  • photos
  • some longer written pieces
  • assorted other location data e.g. journeys, runs, walks

Examples of content primarily defined by things other than time:

  • essay-like articles
  • experiments and tools
  • venues
  • profile data
  • contacts/people -- although this is a tricky one which requires further experimentation

I might end up with something similar. I already have posts which are temporal and I plan on adding pages (primarily for /me and /about) like most blogging software out there.

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Aaron Parecki Aaron Parecki commented on this on 24 Jun 2013
@BarnabyWalters @sandeepshetty Oh yea, I have a few pages already: #indieweb