Indieweb Federated Like

Like this post by creating a post on your site.

Here's how in 2 easy steps

  1. Create a post on your site with a link to this post having the class u-like (must be inside a h-entry)
  2. Send a WebMention to this post to let it know that you've liked it.

For example

The first like on this post was from a post on my other blog (that is powered by Blogger).

  1. I liked this post by created a post there with the following contents:

    <div class="h-entry">
        I like <a class="u-like" href=""></a>.
  2. and manually sent a WebMention to this post using cURL letting it know that I've liked it :

    curl -i -d "source="

Learn More

This is an # implementation of the ideas behind Really Simple Social Blogging (#), a proposal to implement a decentralized Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter like social blogging platform using simple things like WebMention and Microformats.


Matthias Pfefferle Matthias Pfefferle commented on this on 22 Jun 2013
Great idea of Sandeep Shetty to use the u-like (microformats-2) and webmentions for federated social likes! Works like a charm! #indieweb
xtof xtof commented on this on 9 Jul 2013
Edit 2013-08-11 : extension webmention activée. Cf. détails configuration sur Réinitialisation WordPress My Webmention plugin for #WordPress should be kind of stable now… Time to ping the #IndieWeb #Conversations from @eschnou, @Barnaby Walters, @Ben Werdmuller, @Tom Morris, @Will Norris and @Aaron Parecki.…and some <3 for Sandeep Shetty Matthias (notizblog) todo : parvenir à activer l’extension webmention développée par Matthias (erreur fatale à cette heure)


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